Things To Know About Getting A White Card Online

Getting a white card is something that is highly important when it comes to those who are working in construction sector in Australia. If you are amongst those people, it is vital for you to seek the important trainings that are required in order to get you your desired white card. One of the ways is to get the white card online in WA for which we are here to give you all the details that you require. Let’s find out all that you need to know about getting a white card through online services.

1. Registration

The first step of getting enrolled in the training is by registering yourself in the program. For that, you will be needing a computer, printer, internet and you are good to go. Complete the registration process by filling in all the necessary details and use your card to make the payment online.

2. Course Material

Once you have registered yourself in the program, the next thing you need to do is to check out the course material which will be covered in the training. It is entirely up to you at what pace you want to complete the training as it is available and accessible at all times of the day.

3. Assessments

The next thing you should be doing is to determine whether you have completed the course material and are ready to take an assessment or not. Note that the assessments are also taken online along with a brief assessment taken over a call verbally. The online assessments can be taken at any time of the day whereas, the verbal ones are to be taken specifically on the working hours only.

4. Forms

Once all the above steps are completed, what you need to do is to print the statement of attainment and have it send to the concerned along with your ID and a declaration for further processing.

5. White Card

Lastly, if you have successfully completed the assessment rightly, you will be getting the white card delivered via mail in a few days. If you want the same on urgent basis, you may apply for that and get the card within 1 to 2 working days.

Hope these above guidelines have made it easier for you to get your desired white card online by just sitting at home and enjoying the convenience of getting it at your door step. Clearly, it is important for those who all prefer to work in the construction industry and with these online services, you now don’t have to worry about taking formal trainings in order to get the required documents or certifications.