Why Should You Drive?

The most crucial thing a good driver needs is patience. You need to learn to take time and not rush or be stressed out. Driving when stressed is tough. So what if you are caught in rush hour traffic, pressing on the horn won’t make things any faster or get you to a place quicker. If there is nothing you can do to get to a place quicker, then just be patient and go with the flow. Play some music, listen to an audio book or just call up a friend and chat. Once the traffic starts to move though, remember to turn off any distractions and focus completely on the road ahead. Many wish they could drive but may not want to do it. Why is this so? For some it is fear; the fear of collision, the fear of losing your life in accident or taking the life of somebody else. For others it can be a care for the world we live in; to save resources and reduce pollution. While for some others it can be just an effort to save time; using the subway may avoid rush hour traffic and save them at least an hour.Whatever the reason is you should drive or at least learn how to drive. Here is why. 

It is convenient

Yes. This is the most important reason why you should learn to drive. It is just convenient. If you want to travel somewhere you can just head to your vehicle and drive there. You do not have to wait for your taxi to arrive or head to the subway to wait for your train. There will no time wasted in waiting. You can just get up and go to where you want. This is so convenient. It’s not just about public service either, say you didn’t bother with driving lessons Bankstown and don’t know how to drive, If you head to a party with a friend who can drive, you will have to wait until they are ready to leave or if you really want to stay longer but the person who is driving wants to head back, you will have no choice but to go. However if you could drive, that would not be a problem.

It isn’t stressful

If you are a good driver and you learnt properly at the best driving school you could afford, then driving will be a breeze and stress free. Yes there are other people on the road who would be hopeless drivers but as a whole, your car means your rules. You can listen to the music you want. You can choose the air conditioning temp you want. You could even eat the snacks you want in your car. This makes the experience very less stressful and you can truly relax.

You can be independent

The best part about why you should learn to drive is being independent. There is nothing that can match the true freedom of doing something by yourself without having to rely on anyone else. You will feel confident and will feel like you have a lot of value. There is nothing that can compare to this.